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Six Steps of Energy Governance That Must Be Done by the New President PDF Print E-mail
The energy crisis has continued until this day, this can not be allowed, in order not to fall further into the energy crisis. Energy governance can no longer be half-hearted in integration with a variety of other sectors. Synergy between sectors in order to reduce energy waste, so that the efficiency of energy utilization occurs. Unlike today, there is always a controversy between sector policies. For example, the program Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), which was launched to address the reduction of carbon emissions. However, this program would encourage private car ownership rose sharply, energy consumption will rise and, of course, increased traffic density.

In fact two thirds of energy users are transportations which mostly private vehicles. This is the first thing that must be corrected completely by the next Leader or President. To improve modes of mass transportation services in order to reduce energy consumption, not the other way, provides a means for people to have more and more private vehicles such as by building overpass or highways.

The increase in mass transportation, should also be coupled with technological innovations to reduce the consumption of fossil-based energy. Technological innovation is the second thing that should be emphasized. Including technologies for renewable electricity generation. Especially for the provision of electricity, renewable energy sources can no longer referred to as an alternative energy, but as The Main Energy Source. Budget allocation should be raised in order to maximize the utilization of renewable energy. Accordingly, changes in the energy mix scheme in KEN should be done. This is the third step, to leave the dependence on fossil energy sources.

The fourth thing is to make the energy source is not as business as usual. Energy sources become an asset to the people’s productivity. People should gain wider and affordable access, to ensure people’s economy, education and health. Government in the future, must prioritize the supply of primary and secondary energy sources, so that the benefit of the people can be guaranteed to be available. Energy provision and distribution must be corrected for an even distribution of energy consumption. The state can no longer rely on national/foreign private corporations to meet the supply.

The forms of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, debt scheme, and direct investment from outside / inside the country, that has made​Indonesia as an energy supplier, should be reviewed. Indonesia compliance on debt scheme, bilateral and multilateral scheme, including investment has plunged Indonesia into the trap of production and export figures. The next president, should make this as fifth step, to stop all forms of cooperation agreements or investments which based on production and export orientation. The Government reserves the right to fully master it to make it as a treasure - especially fossil energy sources - as capital for the future development.

To ensure 5 steps above run, the state must have a strong legal instrument and implementation. Therefor, the sixth is to review all rules related to energy governance that reeked of market / investor interest. Including disperse the institutions formed by the law which proved a failure, but it becomes a hotbed of corruption such as SKK Migas (Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities). And ensure the law of energy governance will no longer gives the interlocutors of energy source looters a space to not to be followed by the law. (JTM)
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