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Post Last Debate of Presidential Candidates, 5 July 2014

From the results of the last debate on July 5, 2014 with the theme "Food, Energy and the Environment", in general the exposure was not much different from the vision, mission and program / ​agenda brought by the two pairs. More than that, the program / ​​agenda offered by the two pairs of candidates was equal to the condition of the last 10 years without any significant changes in the governance of natural resources.

An error in the current development model, was delivered by one of the pair : as a result of pursuing economic growth targets and interests of the parties, thus ignoring the environmental conditions. But regrettably, the leading choice of industry is still the same, namely land-based, extractive and fossil fuels.

There are efforts to encourage renewable energy, but not placed as the primary energy source. Diversification meant by both pairs, still based on fossil energy. Both pairs do not seem to want any “Zero fossil fuel” strategy for the long term. They still believe the availability of gas especially dirty coal energy, as the right, fast, and major choice. Meanwhile, coal is still recognized as a major source of energy that contribute to global warming. Though global warming or climate change has an impact on the productivity of farmers or fishermen.

It is unfortunate, both pairs seems looking for a safe impressed in terms of enforcement or prosecution of the perpetrators of the greatest environmental damage. Instead, one of the pair accused community as the leading party in forest destruction. By doing encroachment, illegal logging or illegal mining - illegal miners always connoted as artisanal mining. Whereas owners of industrial timber estates (HTI), concessions (HPH), plantations and mining have mainly converts forest and people’s agricultural land area, both state companies, national or foreign private companies.

For example: the case of Lapindo, Newmont, Nusa Lontar in East Nusa Tenggara, the death of eight children drowned in the pit mine in East Kalimantan, or the cases of oil palm plantations in South Sumatra and Riau, forest arsonists and so on.

In JATAM criticism note against the Vision, Mission and Program / Agenda, both pairs Still Continuing Crisis (July 4, 2014). Proven in the debate on July 5, 2014, the two pairs did not much give a change agenda to address the environmental and energy crises today that rely heavily on fossil energy. Diversification of fuel to gas, does not have a problem with its availability. Potential gas that supposedly still available around 50 years, proved unable to meet +25,000 metric tons per day of LPG nationwide demand, around 19,000-20,000 metric tons must be imported to cover the shortage.

"Energy, food and the environment are bound and can not be partially taken care of. Food availability is also about land that is converted by the land-based extractive industries that cause environmental problems. People's productivity also depends on the availability of environmentally friendly and renewable energy supply. Both candidates, indirectly, are continuing and leading the destruction of the environment in their own way with a different scale, "said Ki Bagus Hadikusuma, JATAM campaigner.

Contact: Ki Bagus Hadikusuma, 085781985822.
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