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Infrastructure project is an integral part of mining, particularly type C mining. Infrastructure development that a haphazard action and in order to serve investors, directly give a big contribution to the environmental and life-space crisis of community around mining.

This is what happens in Kanatang, Kambera, and Papu sub-district in East Sumba Regency. In order to build a supporting dock for the business activity, the community must face environmental and life-space crisis threats. Sand and rock mining for Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP) compound, owned by PT Teratai and PT Nusa Jaya Abadi has caused environmental damage in community’s life-space, the hills were flattened and rivers were polluted. People’s health also at stake, two and a half year old baby has a pneumonia disease because of exposed by ash too intense from material treatment process in AMP of PT Nusa Jaya Abadi. There are 9 people, from child to adult, suffered from respiratory disease since the operation of AMP in Papu sub-district. Even in AMP of PT Teratai, at Kanatang sub-district, tens of people suffered from skin infectious disease caused by polluted river and water source since AMP operation.

The community has finally done the mediation process with the companies and the related government institutions in the region on 5 June 2013. Even though until now, none of agreed points are not executed. Even the Central Institution of Environment also threw their responsibility to the province and regency with an excuse of regional autonomy.

This infrastructure development which sacrifices the community is the portrait of development in Indonesia. In East Nusa Tenggara itself, total investment of MP3EI of 17,7 trillion rupiah. But strangely, more than half of it is allocated for mining industry (Rp. 11,1 trillion), very much when compared to fishery sector (Rp. 435 billion) and animal husbandry sector (Rp. 866 billion). So it can be imagined, that in fact the infrastructure development of East Nusa Tenggara, particularly East Sumba regency, is only projected to facilitate a massive mining activity in the future.

The government is supposed to consider people’s safety. not just facilitating the capital by sacrificing the community. The assertiveness of the government is the community’s hope to put pressure on PT Teratai and PT Nisa Jaya Abadi to take responsibility for people’s safety and their life-space that has been taken. Infrastructure development actually to improve the life quality of the people, not to facilitate the capital to dredge and robbed people’s safety and life-space.

Jakarta, 6 February 2014

JATAM Campaigner
Ki Bagus Hadi Kusume (085781985822)
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