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Pro-Life Movement (G-Pro-K)

Churchman, Monks and Nuns, and God’s People of North Belu Deanery, Justice Peace Integrity of Creation (JPIC) OFM, SVD, SSpS, OSU, FSGM, Atambua Corruption Watch (ACW), Association of Indonesia Catholic Students (PMKRI), Indonesia Students Movement (GMNI), Civil Society Coalition of Human Rights Carefulness, Young Generation of Dasarai (AMD), Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI), Belu Democratic Community Committee (KKDB)

In the name of the Justice, Welfare, and Safety of God’s People, Citizen, Public, and Environment for Humanity; 

Us who joined the Pro-Life Movement which has been following this mining problem in Belu Regency since the beginning, with territorial locus as known, declare that we need to present our position to the government of Belu Regency, the Belu Local House of Representative, Mining Business Manager, and other related parties and the public.
Based on the meeting between G-Pro-K and Belu Local House of Representative, and followed up with Recommendation contained in the Belu Local House of Representative Letter No. 170/49/IV/2014, on 7 May 2014, among others :

1. Pro-Life Movement and Belu Local House of Representative recommend to the Government of Belu Regency to temporarily stop the activity of PT. Nusa Lontar Resources.
2. The Belu Local House of Representative together with the Government (related institutions such as Ennvironment Agency, Mining and Energy Body, Health Department of Belu Regency) to form a Study Team on Mining Activity of PT. Nusa Lontar Resources.
3. By the adoption of an Extraordinary Incident (KLB), the Health Department needs to provide a free health service to the people that affected.
G-Pro-K has guard these Recommendation by doing :

1. An Investigation to the villages around mining location, and directly come to the location;
2. Pay close attention to the situation and the progress that happen in the village community. Particularly on Extraordinary Incident;
3. Pay careful attention, for the progress and action of the Belu Local Government in handling problems of Extraordinary Incident and Mining Management.

Then, G-Pro-K needs to present things as follow :

I. Related to the Demand of Moratorium

1. There was an agreement between Pro-Life Movement (G-Pro-K) and the Belu Local House of Representative which has resulted a recommendation for the Local Government to stop temporarily the activity of PT. Nusa Lontar Resources.
2. Based on investigation of G-Pro-K, it turned out that we do not see serious efforts of the government to pay attention and follow-up this recommendation. In fact, there are still operational activities and the company plan to do one more drilling to determine the manganese deposit.
3. Based on the fact above, we demand the Belu Local Government to immediately do a Moratorium on PT. Nusa Lontar Resources.
4. We demand the Belu Local House of Representative to immediately follow-up the recommendation.

II. Related to the Public Health:

1. That in accordance with previous agreement, there should be a laboratory test to water in areas around mining location. Then, before the test done, we ask questions : which areas are going to be the location of the water sampling? Which laboratory will be the place to test? These need to be explained because the fact of Extraordinary Incident that covering the villages around mining area.
2. We found and noted that patients with skin disease has reached approximately 1000 people spread out in the villages around mining area. The Local Government said that the disease is related to the community’s lives and often experienced by them. Against this statement, we claim to reject. Our reason is, based on the findings of field facts that comes from the victims’ recognition, the skin disease is new experienced by the community, that never healed, and suffered for months.
3. In related to an Extraordinary Incident status : We questioned about the Health Department service mode, that if they only wait for the victims or community to come to the health service centre, it can be sure that this problem will not be completed, because of geographical and economics limitation of the community.
4. Based on investigation, the community recognizes that, they only got one time service from the Health Department which was along with the visit of Regent Officials of Belu Regency.
5. Based on the things above, we ask for an explanation and more serious action in handling the problem in order for public health recovery and rescue in the villages around mining area.

III. Related to the Mining Fact :

1. Based on the explanation of PT. Nusa Lontar Resources; it is known that manganese potency is very little/none; in other words only 2 percent out of 100 percent production scale; (based on the Technical Team explanation when met with Investigation Team of G-Pro-K).
2. Since the beginning, Local Government of Belu has given a chance to PT. Nusa Lontar Resources and several investors to do an exploration activity for approximately 2 years in Belu Regency. Based on that fact, how the Mining Department explains about this?
3. Based on our data (sourced from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal), there are 95 companies that hold a Mining Permit. With cover area of 101.046 hectares or 78.64 % of Belu area. We ask to the Mining Department to confront the data. How many companies had passed the CNC, how many are in the exploration phase, how many are in the production phase. We ask for a complete and detail data. 
4. Related to the point no. 3, we ask the Mining Department to present the amount of mining sector’s contribution to the Belu Local Revenue, starting from the beginning of mining activity.

IV. Related to the Fact of Environmental Impact Analysis :

1. From investigation result, we found that mining location is located inside of residential area, 4 houses among them are located inside of mining location.
2. As mandated by the Law, that mining activity should be far from residential areas.
3. Based on that fact, we doubt about Environmental Impact Analysis document which became one of main requirement of Mining Permits publishing. Against this fact, we ask for an explanation from the Local Environmental Impact Management Agency (Bapedalda).

V. Closing

Refers to the findings of Investigation Team and with attention to the explanation of the Belu Local Government, in the name of G-Pro-K, we need to proclaim several things as follows :

1. The model of development planning in Belu Regency, has resulted in overlapping. Where is the development direction of Belu Regency? That should be able to protecting and  prospering all citizens, the people of Belu Regency, if one-single mining sector has grab big amount of area (78,64%).
2. We reiterate that, the Local Government of Belu should be responsible for the regional development master plan. What’s with all this?
3. We suspect that there is something wrong on mining management in Belu Regency. Then, in order to information transparency for the public, we ask the Local Government to give several regional regulations to us, that are : 1) Mining Regulations 2) Map of Mining Management in Belu Regency 3) Spatial Planning Regulations of Belu Regency.
4. We urge the related institutions to do an audit of Mining Permits that has been released by the Local Government of Belu.
5. We recommend our findings to the Corruption Eradication Commision (KPK).

Thus our statement, thank you for the attention.

Atambua, 16 May 2014

Responsible Person                                                         General Coordinator                                                                                                                                                             

Rm. Stefanus Boisala, Pr                                                                     Rm. Gregorius Dudy, Pr                                                                                                              
Head of North Belu Deanery

Field Coordinator

Yohanes L. Atti

Members of G-Pro-K
Parish of Wedomu, Parish of Lahurus, Parish of Haekesak, Parish of Weluli, Parish of Fulur, Parish of Nualain, Parish of Haliwen, Parish of Sadi, JPIC OFM, JPIC SVD, JPIC SSpS, JPIC OSU, JPIC FSGM, ACW, PMKRI, GmnI, Civil Society Coalition of Human Rights Carefulness, AMD, WALHI NTT, KKDB
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