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BaFFEL and Bendo Kerep Perform a Theatrical Performance On the River, Call Rejection of Tumpang Pitu PDF Print E-mail
Thirteenth plastic-robed men were excited because they found thirteenth gold necklaces. They used it as they laughed presumptuously. But the excitement did not stay long. That thirteenth men grasped their neck while complained of thirst. They were fretting because those necklaces could not exchanged into water. After that, all thirteenth plastic-robed men were brawling each other, fought over the only one bottled-water. There were no decent drinking water besides one bottle only. All available water, even the river has polluted and poisonous.

Then, the thirteenth men rip off their own plastic-rob. While continually complaining to thirst, they walk stumblingly to the river. And, finally they collapsed on the river. A sheet of banner says “Human Can Live Without Gold, But Not Without Water” is covering the thirteenth bodies which sprawl amid the river. 
That was a non-realist theatrical scene which played by Banyuwangi’s Forum For Environmental Learning (BaFFEL) in collaboration with Komunitas Seni Bendo Kerep (Art Community of Bendo Kerep). In addition to commemorate Earth Day on 22 April 2014, theatrical performance that served at Kali Gulung (Jambesari Village, Giri sub-regency, Banyuwangi) also aimed to express rejection of the gold mining plan in Mount Tumpang Pitu Protected Forest (HLGTP).
BaFFEL and Bendo Kerep Art Community believes that, if the mining company allowed to exploit gold in HLGTP, then it will disturb forest function as the water absorption. “They need water to purify the gold, as much as 2,038 million liters each day. That much of water will be obtained by exploiting the existing potential water, whether gound water or river water around Tumpang Pitu. This is certainly has an impact on water needs’ fulfillment of community and agriculture sector around Tumpang Pitu,” explained BaFFEL activist, Rully Fauzi Latif.
Why theatrical performance chosen as the media of action, Rully said that, environmental movement, especially the rejection campaign of HLGTP gold mine, should be creative. 
“We want to give a variation in our action. In 2012, we have made an act of walked backwards from the building of theRegional House of Representative to the office of Banyuwangi Regent. In 2013, we have made a mass action of squat in front of Heroes Cemetery. Then, in 2014 we made a theatrical performance at the river,” explained Rully who is also a member of Bendo Kerep Art Community.
Rully added, Kali Gunung was chosen as act place because the river is directly bordered with culture icon of Using community, the Kemiren village (Glagah sub-regency, Banyuwangi). “We want the world to know that this theatrical act has an Using spirit. We want to show that this is purely comes from Banyuwangi children, and performed because of our love to Banyuwangi, especially Mount Tumpang Pitu Protected Forest,” said environmental activist who also loves photography.
Although the duration is very short, Rully believes that the rejection message to HLGTP gold mining which contained in less than 13 minutes’ performance would be delivered to public. “This theatrical performance was aimed to defend the water, river, and forest. Because water, river, and forest are God’s being,  then I am sure that they (water, river, and forest, red.) will resonate the message that is contained in this performance,” he said.
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