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Number : 003/Koor.JTM/IV/2014
Attachment : -------
Subject : Protest against the Omission of Law Infringement and the Involvement of Indonesia National Police Apparatus in Guiding Illegal Mining Process on Bangka Island

The Governor of North Sulawesi Province, Sinyo Harry Sarundajang
The Regent of North Minahasa Regency, Sompie S.F. Singai
The Chief of North Sulawesi Regional Police, Brigadier General Pol Jimmy P. Sinaga
The Chief of North Minahasa Police, Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner / Ajun Komisaris Besar Polisi (AKBP) Joko Winartono SIK

With Respect,
The Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) as a non-governmental organization and community organization which concern of environmental, human rights, and social justice issues in mining and oil-gas industries, hereby declare a protest to Mr. Sinyo Harry Sarundajang as a Governor of North Sulawesi, for the ommision and/or protection conducted by Indonesia National Police (Polri), North Minahasa District, and North Sulawesi Provincial apparatuses against the protest of illegal mining activity of PT. Mikgro Metal Perdana (PT. MMP) on Bangka Island, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi.
According to the Decision of the Supreme Court (MA) on September 24 year 2013, Register No. 291 K/TUN/2013, firmly implicates on cancellation of PT. MMP permits as well as convicting the Regent of North Minahasa to cancel all permits that have been given to PT. MMP. 

All the efforts conducted by the Regent of North Minahasa Regency and the Governor of North Sulawesi Province  to ensure mining operation’s legality of PT. MMP is ignoring Supreme Court Decision as well as an action against the law.  With pretension to develop the region through Rp. 17 trillion investment, yet it dispossessed life space and safety of Bangka Island residents.

The involving of Indonesia National Police Apparatus in escorting PT. MMP mining activity (haul of heavy equipment, land measurement) as well as various intimidations and provocations to the residents, is an effort of omission and/or protection against violation of the Supreme Court Decision that has acquired permanent legal force. 

The involvement of Indonesia National Police apparatus in mining process of PT. MMP has violated its primary duty and function as a law enforcement agency, keeper, protector, and public servant (Ps. 2 Law of Indonesia National Police year 2002). The presence of Polri apparatus has made the residents threatened and intimidated also potentially creating conflict.

Considering a huge potential conflict on Bangka Island, the efforts of PT. MMP to bring in their heavy equipment to Bangka Island which is planned to be done on April 19, 2014, is clearly a provocative action and it shows the absence of intention to create a conducive situation in the atmosphere of Legislative Election 2014.

Therefore, JATAM strongly protest against the efforts and actions conducted by the Indonesia National Police, North Minahasa District, and North Sulawesi Provincial apparatuses in protecting the mining operation’s sustainability of PT. MMP, also urge to :

1. Police apparatus, both North Sulawesi Regional Police and North Minahasa Police, to stop immediately all forms of security and protection to the illegal mining operation of PT. MMP, also to stop intimidation and provocation against the residents.

2. North Minahasa District and North Sulawesi Provincial must respect and execute the Supreme Court Decision No. 291 K/TUN/2013 by revoking all mining permits of PT. MMP.

3. North Minahasa District and North Sulawesi Provincial no longer give mining permits in Bangka Island, considering Bangka Island as small island that is vulnerable to extractive industry activity.

Thus we convey this protest letter and to be made as an attention and consideration.
Thank you.

Jakarta, April 4, 2014.
Campaign Manager of JATAM

Ki Bagus Hadi Kusuma (085781985822)

Carbon copy:
1. WALHI North Sulawesi
2. AMALTA North Sulawesi
3. Tunas Hijau North Sulawesi
4. LBH (Legal Aid Institution) Manado
5. LMND Manado
6. Media Network of North Sulawesi
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