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What is JATAM?
Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) is a non-governmental organization and a community organization with a concern for human rights, gender, environmental, indigenous people, and social justice issues in the mining, oil, and gas industries.
Indonesia not only bear the destructive mining practice on its land and natural resource. But also has a long sadden list about human rights violence including forced evictions, the loss of living source and violence against women and children.

Further, mining and environmental problems are not an easy and simple problems so that JATAM cannot work alone in fighting the destructiveness of mining. Based on those awareness, JATAM invite the community/public to work together in fighting the destructiveness of mining, by join as a participant of JATAM Fellowship. 
Stop Mining On Bangka Island, North Minahasa, For Environmental Safety and People Welfare
Press Release, 4 May 2014
Legal efforts that have been done by the people of Bangka Island, North Minahasa, to stop iron ore mining of PT Mikgro Metal Perdana (PT. MMP) has produced a result. Since the Supreme Court Verdict (MA) 291 K/TUN/2013 received by the Manado Administrative Court (PTUN Manado) in 20 March 2014, it is a must for the Regent of North Minahasa, mr. Sompie S. F. Singal, to pull all the permits that related to Bangka Island mining.
BaFFEL and Bendo Kerep Perform a Theatrical Performance On the River, Call Rejection of Tumpang Pitu
Thirteenth plastic-robed men were excited because they found thirteenth gold necklaces. They used it as they laughed presumptuously. But the excitement did not stay long. That thirteenth men grasped their neck while complained of thirst. They were fretting because those necklaces could not exchanged into water. After that, all thirteenth plastic-robed men were brawling each other, fought over the only one bottled-water. There were no decent drinking water besides one bottle only. All available water, even the river has polluted and poisonous.

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Welcome to JATAM's new website. We hope you will be able to find information about the impacts of mining, oil and gas activities in Indonesia. Thank you for visiting.

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