Monday, 19 May 2014
MANADO- It is fine that North Sulawesi Provincial Government promotes the campaign of coastal and marine preservation as the essence of WCRC (World Coral Reef Conference) International event. But among environmentalist, WCRC is none other than deception to international public. Even the government of regency/municipality assessed to be ambivalent. This local activist sees the existence of the unsynchronized between the spirit of international event which has been held in North Sulawesi, while on the other side, legalization for the destruction of environmental ecological bases even continue to occur. They take the most factual sample of mining activity in Bangka Island, which was definitely defeated in the Supreme court but the company’s activities are still going on in this region.

In the eyes of senior activist Jull Takaliuang in his statement to KAWANUA POST last night, WCRC is a deception to international. WCRC objected only for prestige and project. The rest is zero point blank. The greetings in the ceremonial opening event were only a sham. Because in reality, the destruction done by PT MMP was running with regional leader’s approval. The activity on Bangka Island is definitely an infringement, a hope for law enforcement is getting thinner in Indonesia as a state based on law. An activist in various civil society organizations was referring to a number of field facts such as coastal reclamation, coral hoarding, and mangrove destruction for the development of special port (jetty) of PT. MMP which definitely without permit.

“Whereas in GKCC which only 36 km, the international event that addresses coral reef was ongoing. Obviously, they only discussed about the officials’ tartar” he said, while adding that Bangka Island is should not be mined based on the Supreme Court decision that instruct the Regent to revoke the permit of PT. MMP.

Meanwhile, through the social media, Maria Taramen as the head of KMPA Tunad Hijau also spoke up. According to Maria, the 2014 WCRC was only an imaging arena for Indonesia government in general and North Sulawesi provincial government in particular. Maria added that when this country known as the initiator in saving coral reef and North Sulawesi as the host of this event, at the same time the destruction of coral done by the illegal mining company was happening. “In Bangka Island, the pathetic and sad view is the hoarding of coastal area which has a rare coral reef and fish species. The hoarding guarded by security forces from North Sulawesi Brimobda (regional car brigade) and the local government that represented by the head of Likupang Timur sub-district, what was that mean?” Taramen revealed. “I feel sorry for having a government that full of a heartless hypocrite human and having a state apparatus that become a guard of mining company instead of real law enforcement, it is embarrassing”. Taremen said curtly.

On the other side, hundred of participants from 23 countries was participating in WCRC which held from 14-17 May 2014 in Manado. Countries attended among others are Indonesia, Argentina, USA, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, China, Finland, Gambia, UK, Iraq, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, France, Philippines, Seychelles, Thailand, Uganda, and Vietnam. WRCR had targeted to produce an international agreement for a sustainable coral reef management.

Writer: Jull Takaliuang, published in Tribun Manado