Mines in New Millenium
Industries prioritize profits  rather than the earth and society’s welfare Slowly but sure, KTT bumi transforms into corporation tools, to on of example promote Sustainable Mining where mining is a continuous development. It is shown from the 4th meeting World Conference Preparation about KTT Bumi Continuous Development (Prepcom IV).  By the mining industry, the meeting was used as mean to get legitimacy for their operations. According to the issue, environmental damage victims, along with civil society organizations (CSO) working for social and environmental fairness were united and consolidated to state rejection for the meeting. 74 representatives from 15 countries gathered in one workshop facilitated by JATAM in May, 24-27, 2002 to discuss bad impacts from mining. They also arrange the participant’s demand that will be delivered on Prepcom IV.

Wrapped in popular and colorful form, the book summarizes discussion result in the workshop through several articles. Some of them are: Unfairness from Gold Mining; Indonesia that once rich of Oil and gasoline, but now suffering energy crisis because exploitation; why is it important to forbid mining activities in protected forests; women mining victims witnesses and their demands; globalization of mining moratorium; also several declarations such as London Declaration; AIMES (The Africa Initiative on Mining, Environment, and Society) statement about mining; also The statement of International Mining above.