Teluk Buyat is Polluted; and Left the Risk to The Society (Buyat Case Fact Sheets)
When the mining was closed in August 31, 2004, Newmont left more than 4 million tons of tailing waste in the bottom of Buyat Bay. More or less than 70 fisherman families lost their jobs and 80% of them suffer serious health problems. In addition, dozens kids can not go to schools; while horizontal conflicts goes on. Finally government announced that Buyat Bay is polluted because Newmont tailing waste. But using their capitals and power, Newmont “the richest gold mining company in the world”  tried to manipulate information by delivering opposing facts that may harm the community.
The book not only explaining Buyat Bay flashbacks, but also discover the latest condition on Buyat Bay local people and environment after government announce the pollution and the harms. The book also performs of manipulated facts done by the company, government, and academics hiding behind scientific research.