RIO+10, Mining and Extended Destruction
Rio+10 Conference or more widely known as KTT Bumi was first aimed to assure world’s commitment about continuous development in every ten years, national and also international. It will determine the future’s priority, also stop environmental damage, guarantee economical growth and synergic social development.
In this book, JATAM explains how Rio+10 events held in 2002 has been ride by industrial needs, especially mining industry, and it’s heading to the wrong way. There is just one and only hope, to get legitimacy to destroy environment and local people living. Industrial Continuous growth can be seen from foreign mining actors initiative through GMI (Global Mining Initiative) which gave birth to MMSD project (Mines, Mineral, and Sustainable Development) as diplomatic tools to confirm mining industry as prospective industry, that business is part of solution. The book also informs aspects of KTT Bumi.