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Meru Betiri National Park (TNMB) which located in east corner Java island is threatened with the presence of 2 mining corporations, PT Hakman Metalindo and PT Jember Metal. Both have gained mining permission from ESDM. On the other side, TNMB is one of the last ecological conservation in Java. Some of nearly extinct plants and animal species are there not less than 340 medical plants lived here. Moreover, TNMC also has become source of livelihood for local people surround it.

TNMB is onely one from 101 conservation areas and protected forests which soon become mining areas. Hence, forest destruction numbers has aroused into a critical point, because each year, 2 million hectares in average is destructed and functionally changed.  Government and business people only see economical benefits without paying attention to natural resource continuity. The government who should have supported TNMB redemption on the contrary prioritize mining investment with local income argument. Even the mining actors then directly lobby the local parliament in order to smooth their goals. But the effort was aborted by some parties care about TNMB.  Government and those companies are keep on consolidating so TNMB can operate as mining location, while local people needs to TNMB can not be denied. Therefore, government approach should not reflect eco-fascism that stressing on environmental conservation but ignoring local people.
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