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INDONESIA IS BROKE, The Country is taken to hostage by Investor and Corrupt Beaucracy PDF Print E-mail
Morally, Indonesia has been broke. The label of the fifth most corrupt country in the world can not deny the reality. Destruction is complete when the government can not solve poverty, mounted debt, immense corruption, and decreasing unemployment numbers. On the other side, the country keeps on draining natural resources by reconstruction and economical development argument. Policy products were formed to ease investors in exploiting our resources. ust look at Constitution of Oil and Natural Gas, No.22/2001; UU No 19/2004 which opened 1 million hectares protected forest into mining location; President Decree No 36/2005; Presiden Decree draft of forest usage; and so on.

Explicitly, Indonesia has drained the natural resource to satisfy investor and foreign countries. Sea Sand dredged to Singapore; Coal and Nickel sold to Japan, Taiwan and South Korea; Gold exploited bu US and Australian corporations. Shortly, the society has not enjoyed Indonesia mineral, oil, and natural gas mostly produced to fulfill export needs, not domestic consumption. New long term contracts are renewed, while oil price is ascended. As if it wasn't enough. The society still has to suffer environmental destruction, human rights violation, and continuous poverty that never solved by the government.

Above condition not only triggered by an opportunist mind-set to get temporary benefits which later born corruption culture, also powerless when faced by foreign investor. If these things continue, the management of energy and mineral resource will suffer bankruptcy.
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