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SAMARINDA (15/07/2014) - Up to tomorrow Wednesday July 16, 2014, Movement of Samarinda Sue (Gerakan Samarinda Menggugat) has convened 27 times in the District Court of Samarinda, the trial which lasted for approximately one year will be determined tomorrow, July 16, 2014.

Samarinda Sue Movement coincides born in the Samarinda city birthday 2 years ago. It is a movement of citizens demanding the city government to immediately save the city from ecological disaster, by meeting the demands of the 13 proposed, as a solution of the problems that are befalling citizens, that were never able to be answered by the government, said Sarah Agustiorini, Samarinda Sue Movement activists.

"The government has been negligent in taking care of its citizens, as proof, now covering 71% of the city area has been besieged by 63 Mining Permits, which endanger its citizens, which obviously has killed 8 children in the mine pit that that is not reclaimed from 2011 to the present. The city also has almost no urban forest, urban forest allocation is only 0.81%, the water absorption region disappeared, food lands continue to decrease, while water sources disappear or polluted by coal mining, Sarah added.

Since the year 2009 - 2014, Samarinda which is the capital of East Kalimantan, has more than 150 times soaked by flood. There are tens of thousands of victims whose homes and business activities are submerged and suffered losses.

Sarah also presented data from the Department of Health and Women Empowerment and Family Planning Institution which states that 80% of people who suffer from Acute Respiratory Infestions (ARI) in Samarinda city are those who live in the area around the mine, and in the last three years an increase in the number of pregnancy-related illnesses, causes of the baby died in utero, Autism, Babies with hydrocephalus and anencephaly in Samarinda. Also 10 types of most diseases suffered by residents Samarinda also largely expected because of coal, such as acute respiratory infections (ARI), gastritis, rheumatism, hypertension, Pharangitis and Skin Diseases.

That's what makes citizens of Samarinda city eventually filed the lawsuit. The Plaintiffs are religious leaders, NGO activists, affected residents as well as Farmers, fish pond managers and flood victims in Samarinda. In total there were 19 plaintiffs. "We also present 4 witnesses comprised of expert witnesses and victim witnesses".

The trial has entered the final phase, tomorrow's session led by Chief Justice Hiyanto Sugeng who is also the chairman of Samarinda District Court will enter a final judgment. "We ask blessings from Samarinda Citizen", said Sarah added. A couple months ago, Samarinda Sue Movement also visited the grave of Nadia Taskia Putri, one of 8 children who were killed in the mine pit in Palaran. Many mine pits that are not reclaimed and supervised , make mine claimed the lives of citizens and without completion.
Sarah Agustio (Spokesman of Samarinda Sue Movement)
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