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During the 2014 political year, mining and energy issues back to become a highlight and get a great portion both in media reports or as “commodity” of political parties or politicians. Two coalitions which formed to propose the presidential candidate are competing to offer mining and energy sovereignty program in Indonesia.

But the coalitions’ program that was expected to return the State sovereignty is clearly will only be a sweetener jargon of campaign. In that two coalition carriages, the involvement and intervention of mining and energy mafia that have been plundered natural richness and robbed people’ life space and safety, are very clearly visible.

Surely we still remember what happened on 29 May eight years ago, when Lapindo mud started to gush out and now has flooded 16 villages in Sidoarjo Regency. Until now, the victims of Lapindo mud still fight to restore their rights. Lapindo mudflow has eliminate people’ access to food and economical rights. This is impacted to the increase of women’ burden. Because women, with her gender role is “forced” to thinking about domestic matters in her family.

The mining industry has become the monster of destroyer source to people’s life sustainability particularly in the mining area. An industry that positioned as a spearhead of development and foreign exchange, thus is a real threat to the safety and recovery of people’s productivity, as well as the sustainability of ecological functions.

In 2013, the number of conflicts that happened has sharply increased than previous years. Throughout 2013, there were 369 cases with conflict widespread areas of 1.281.660,09 hectares, involving 139.874 head of households (KK). Incisively increased than previous year, in 2012 the number of conflicts as much as 198 cases or increased as much as 86,36%. And in the last 6 years, noted that 13 people died, 125 people were injured, and 234 people were arrested because of mining conflict. (Source : Mining Advocacy Network/JATAM, 2013).

Bauxite mining companies in Riau Islands totaling 161 companies. Bauxite dredged by the companies and sold abroad was very destructing Riau Islands’ nature. If we monitor via Google’s satellite, it can be clearly seen that most of the forest has lost, then the most visible is the vast expanse of land that looks orange. A very poor environmental condition.

Bauxite businessmen in Kepri (Riau Islands) never take the issue of environmental damage into account for the future. Bauxite businessmen in Kepri are just searching for profits alone, but do not notice that the damage inflicted is very extensive. Bauxite is so widely exploited without control. It is very harmful to the environment, even if this continued then it will impacted to the future generation.

On Thursday, 6 March 2014 in Riau Islands Province, the Corruption Eradication Commission/KPK) went to Tanjungpinang and Bintan. The arrival of Team KPK led by Vice Chairman Zulkarnain revealed a dilapidated Riau Islands’ mining permit. In front of the Governor H.M. Sani, Vice Governor Soeryo Raspationo, Chairman of Parliament Nur Supriadi, the regents and mayors as well as numbers of local officials of Kepri who filled the old office of Riau Islands’ Governor in Jl.Basuki Rahmat-Tanjungpinang.

Plus, the survey of KPK found that there are 161 mining permits issued by the Municipality and Regency Government of Riau Islands. Commission has collected about 10 (ten) existing mining problems in the regency / municipality of Kepri Province. Just imagine, there are mining companies that do not have a TIN/Tax Identification Number can still be granted permission, there are permits that break spatial planning and environment as well as permits given for forest conversion, the illegal port used to export bauxite, post-mining reclamation has not done yet, the tax received from mining is very few, and the environmental damage caused by mining was too huge.

Commemorating the Anti Mining Day (HATAM) and facing the World Environment Day 2014. Every year, the World Environment Day theme is set by the United Nations Environment Programs (UNEP) which is the United Nations Environment Agency. This year’s theme is "Raise your voice, not the sea level ". In Indonesia adapted into a "Unite Our Step, Protect the Coastal Ecosystem from the Impacts of Climate Change".

Commemoration of environment day 2014 is expected to be the momentum of environmental management implementation that is more consistent with a higher commitment. Natural resources (SDA) that we have is needed to be managed for the public by not only considering the present generation but also future generations. Environmental management encourages the use of natural resources wisely. 
Then the Lidik Advokasi Tambang of Kepri is Commemorating the Anti Mining Day (HATAM) dated 29 May 2014 and Welcoming Environment Day on 5 June 2014, hereby declare the statement as follows:

1. Against of Bauxite Mining Company who do not pay taxes, Royalty, non-tax revenues to the State and Damaging the Environment.

2. Urged the KPK to process bauxite mining company that overdue royalties and Checking the mining business license (IUP) in the province of Riau Islands.

3. Examine and apprehend the regents and mayors in Kepri If proven in issuing mining permits that violate the rules and harm the state finances.

4. Report the Bintan Regent to the KPK that he has been misusing authority and positions by discountinue the legal proceedings against 12 (twelve) Bauxite Mining Businesses thath conducting unlicensed mining business in accordance with the results of the operations team which was held on October 24, 2013 till 02 November 2013 without any Warrant Termination of Investigation (SP3).

5. Arrest the Mining Agency Chief of Tanjungpinang municipality who allowed the illegal bauxite mining at Batu IX and at the tip of Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport.

6. Immediately implement the Post Mining Reclamation in bauxite mining areas which have been left out by using the Environmental Protection and Management Fund (DJPL) of Bintan regency in an amount of 80 billion and Tanjungpinang municipality in an amount of 30 billion to prevent leaks that could detriment the people.

7. Explaining to the Community of Tanjungpinang and Bintan about the Investigation Progress of Illegal Mining Case so that the public trust the government in an effort to honor law enforcement.

Thus this Statement as an effort of people's movement to demand justice in creating environmental sustainability efforts that includes restoration / improvement of environment and resource management by considering the carrying capacity of its environment, thus the economic and social stability in a sustainable manner can be achieved.

Tanjung Pinang, 04 June 2014


Chief                    Secretary                                                                                                                                                                                    

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