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Jakarta - JATAM; The Kompas newspaper edition 3 June 2014 published news about Minister of Research and Technology, Gusti Muhammad Hatta, who ask for the research of Buyat Bay to discontinue. According to him, it is because after eight years of research the result showed that Buyat bay is safe. Strangely, this was submitted when he responded presentation from an independent science panel which pioneered by PT Newmont Minahasa Raya in Manado.

Even it was done by the independent team, but the independency of research result is still questionable. Research of Buyat bay pollution has been done since 2006 and the company spent around 5 billions every year. The company will accelerate the research that previously plan to finish in 2016, into May 2015.

According to Independent Science Panel from Sam Ratulangi University, Inneke Rumengan, research result identify that there are no impact of tailing disposal (mining processing residue) by PT NMR in Buyat bay based on parameters of marine environment quality and health. Surely it makes Buyat exodus residents stroking their chest (to hold their emotion).

Anwar Stirman, one of ex-resident of Buyat coast, gave his comment when interviewed by phone. He told that the Minister should not say so, while he never involved directly to see the polluted area. “ The Minister’s statement is not right, not in accordance with the condition here. He never visits directly so he doesn’t see the babies who born deformed and still many of people who died suddenly”, he said.

Stirman also added, how come the research is independent if it funded by the causing evil. “If only the minister wants to come here, he will see directly our health’s comparison. When we moved, many residents were still sick caused by mining poison, but now it is getting better. Or he can see the comparison between our condition and the residents who still live at Buyat bay coastal area”, he said.

The case of Buyat bay pollution will enter the 9th year on next 25 June 2014. Therefor, the minister’s statement allegedly intentionally published to herding the public opinion that there are no pollution in Buyat bay. So whoever the researcher, research independency is very needed because it regarding to the fate of Buyat resident.(nova)

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