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Volunteer’s Basic Learning - the 4th Generation
Resistance And Learning Circle (RALC) JATAM

What is JATAM?
Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) is a non-governmental organization and a community organization with a concern for human rights, gender, environmental, indigenous people, and social justice issues in the mining, oil, and gas industries.
Indonesia not only bear the destructive mining practice on its land and natural resource. But also has a long sadden list about human rights violence including forced evictions, the loss of living source and violence against women and children.

Further, mining and environmental problems are not an easy and simple problems so that JATAM cannot work alone in fighting the destructiveness of mining. Based on those awareness, JATAM invite the community/public to work together in fighting the destructiveness of mining, by join as a participant of JATAM Fellowship. 
What is RALC?

Resistance And Learning Circle (RALC) is a study assemblage of ACTION CAMPAIGN in presenting and describing the damage that caused by mining operation which supported by a false-policy in mining business. 

This study assemblage is using methods of an intense material exposure and interactive discussion which will be done in a week. The material and method that will be presented is prioritizing more on ability and expertise development of RALC participants that support the campaign agenda.

The 2014 RALC is the fourth event held by JATAM. Several achievements has generated by the previous RALC generation. Besides supporting various action and campaign activities of Jatam, RALC alumni have succeeded to garner support of resistance against mining industry in various regions. Among others is what had been done by RALC participants in Mandailing Natal Regency, North Sumatera, which has mobilized thousand of mass in two villages to stop gold mining operation of PT Sorikmas Mining and PT Bahana Multi Energi.
Why Join and Who is the Participant of RALC?

The basic principle to become JATAM RALC’s participant is a carefulness to work against mining and environmental problem that based on volunteerism attitude. As a volunteer, RALC’s participant is a person who gives his/her energy, time, and expertise as a form of his/her carefulness and commitment in actualizing JATAM mandate and as an effort to save the environment in general. By becoming a volunteer, the participant can learn each other, understanding mining and environmental issues more critical, able to organizing themselves as well as doing a real action in his/her contribution in various events.

Basically JATAM does not limiting who will join in JATAM RALC

The Professional background of anyone who will join JATAM RALC is not the main requirement. The most important thing is the willingness of RALC initiate to spare their time, energy, mind, and expertise to support the action and campaign movement in fighting against mining destructiveness and save the environment.

When 2014 RALC will be held?

The registration will be opened from 12 May 2014. The limit of form submission is 23 May 2014. Form and photograph submission must be submitted directly to JATAM Secretariat. The RALC will be held from 27-30 May 2014.

RALC is open for public and it is free. Participants are limited to 20 people. And if the participant quota is met before the specified deadline, then the registration will be closed.

The registration form of JATAM RALC can be obtained directly at JATAM Secretariat:

Jl. Mampang Prapatan IV No. 30B. RT 008 RW 002 Jakarta 12790.
Phone. 021-7997174 Fax. 021-7997849
Or you can download here : 
For more information and registration please contact :
Saji Faturrahman : 081514445377 and Ki Bagus Hadikusuma (085781985822)
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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