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“Don’t Give Bloody Christmas
Stop the Killings
Stop Large Scale Mining in Mindanao Philippines”

Jakarta (13/12/2012). The assassinations of farmers and anti-mining activists continues to happen in Mindanao, Philippines. Just two days before International Human Rights Day 2012, a farmer and two anti-mining activists were killed in separate incidents. This brutal operation has incited anger around the world.

For years, farmers and civil organizations strongly reject Didipio Gold–Copper Project that sits on 17,626 hectares of (most illegally acquired) land in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya — a large scale mining project owned by OceanaGold Philippines, Inc. The assassinations on December 8, 2012, lengthens the list of murdered environmental activists in Philippines. In the year of 2012 alone, 15 environmental activists has ben murdered.
Benigno Aquino III Administration has failed to protect environmental activists and human rights defenders. In fact, since he was sworn into office as the 15th President of Philippines on June 30 2012, the list of murdered activists has reached more than 40 people according to Mindanao Peoples Statement in November 2012.

It’s such an irony that the murder on December 8 happened when almost everyone in every corner of the world is preparing to commemorate Human Rights Day; and when most people of Philippines are about to celebrate Christmas. This sacred moment had to be tainted by barbaric acts in order to silence activists. As if this holy month wouldn’t survive without their martyrdom.

We, the people of Indonesia, in our condolences to the victims of the assassinations, their families, and their friends, would like to:
1. Condemn any form of violence against the people and any form of brutality done to silence environmental activists and human rights defenders.
2. Urge the Philippine National Government to investigate thoroughly all the assassinations that happened all through the history.
3. Urge the Philippine National Government to stop all violence against its people, and to make the month of December for reconciliation of practices in the mining industry in Philippines that violate human rights.
Henri Ismail
Andrie S. Wijaya

(JATAM – Poros – JPIC )

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