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ON 29 MEI 2012

Indonesian Sovereign Without Mining
Restore the Right People
Opponent tricking and Forget
Jakarta and 16 other locations to take action "Day Against Mining" or the "Hatam" which is celebrated on May 29. Each location held a rejection of the mining industry and solidarity to the victims of Lapindo mudflow. action to the streets and theatrical, even in South Kalimantan up the barge to a banner Hatam. While in Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi, in addition to the action also free speech. Then in Sumba resident company occupying drilling site in Sorong and open dialogue. In Yogyakarta, invites citizens to petition photo.
As an expression of solidarity and forms of resistance against the mining industry a sense of injustice. Injustice continues despite the regime had succeeded each other. In fact, the regime's authoritarian SBY getting naked showing violent manner using state of security tools. That attitude seemed to go against the flow resistance of the citizens the mining industry. Let the people shot at, beaten up by security forces criminalized and mining companies. Mandailing Natal Sumatera Utara, Di Tiaka Sulawesi Tengah, di Timika Papua, hingga di Pelabuhan Sape Nusa Tenggara Barat, forces opened fire on residents. Included in Sumba and Manggarai residents in jail for refusing to go and sue the mining company. It occurs throughout the year 2011. Ironically, other than central government. Local governments do not pay attention to even more illegal issuing of mining licenses. 

Ironisnya, selain pemerintah pusat. Pemerintah daerah tidak nenperhatikan justru semakin liar mengeluarkan ijin pertambangan. In addition to the Contract of Work and PKP2B, until April 2012 there have been 10 235 IUP around Indonesia. However, only 4151 are declared clean & clear categories administratively by the Director General Minerbapabum.
Violence, poverty will continue to repeat until the criminalization. The government has not stopped issuing licenses and fixed priority mining industry. Mining industry proved profitable only a few people and the savings that politicians fear the power of capital
Indonesia should be sovereign over all that is in the unitary Republic of Indonesia. Sovereignty to remove the mine industry not as a primary option and make the bad history of nation building.
We invite all the elements of the nation to act with care and awareness to anti-mine action 29th memorial day May 2012. “Indonesian Sovereign Without Mining, Restore the Right People”
Cases of deprivation and violence and criminalization of residents this year. Especially the case that the mudflow regime SBY showed indifference.
What is a Hatam?
Day against Mining or in a short Hatam is the mandate of the National Meeting JATAM 2010. Hatam is celebrated every May 29. And May is the month of resistance to the mining industry. May 29, 2006 is a great tragedy Lapindo mud first burst that will not be forgotten.
What should we do?
All JATAM network in May 2012 will be to organize a series of activities that essentially fight against destructive mining. Its peak on May 29, 2012 there were at least 33 JATAM which to organize a network of ACTION. Same day as the submission of the declaration of sovereignty without making mining with a history.
Solidarity and support can be done by sending sms to the President, DPR Speaker and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, or send your message to JATAM the Format type: JATAM «spaces» YOUR MESSAGES sent to 0812-1552-5506

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