JATAM - Mining Advocacy Network
Campaign and Emergency Reponse Period 2012 - 2013

Dear JATAMers,

There were at least two cases stomping our conscience at the end of 2011. Namely, the 3 victims killed by a bullet and violence, police brutality act in Bima of West Nusa Tenggara Province. A  boy and girl died in the mining pit coalin Sambutan sub district, Samarinda East Kalimantan.

JATAM recorded that until 2011, there were 62 people died, 376 people injured, 173 people jailed for trying to defend and demand their rights. And hundreds thousands of people lost their lands and thier territory seized when the entrance of mining industry. In 2012, mining sector is still the "hotspot" arena of violence and human rights abuse. The police officers (Mobile Brigade) and the military have always been the main tool of government to face and answer the demands of citizens around the mining.

The mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) is a network of non governmental organizations (NGOs) and community organizations that have concern for human rights, gender, environment, indigenous and social justice issues in the mining and oil and gas industries. JATAM working with affected communities in many regions in Indonesia that are destroyed by mining, oil and gas activities. The position and demand of JATAM born from the concern for the destruction of the environment and socio-economic of the local people due to mining, oil and gas industries.

JATAM is actively focused on mining and oil and gas issues since 1999. JATAM growing as a network of individuals, organizations and movements that serve those who fight for the safety and next generation. 

We believe that in saving the life from the destruction of the mining industry should involve more massive elements of society and mondial. We therefore invite all Indonesian people to support and participate in the campaign and emergency response.

The support for campaign and emergency response is JATAM’s effort to raise public participation to support the movement which serves those who fight for the safety and next generation. This agenda is also to build self-reliance through the information media, products and public education campaigns. Where there is in all its activities fully supported by public donations.

Support JATAM 2012

Community Support
Join as JATAM’s Volunteer
JATAM open the opportunities to all people in Indonesia to participate actively in the mining advocacy. Each year the education for the volunteer is held openly. The education is intended to educate the volunteer to know the organization deeply and to be more focused on material of non-violence direct actions and Media Outreach. 2012 is the second year of the volunteer education. The alumni joined in one media in the secretariat of JATAM.

Hereinafter, the volunteers can be actively engage in:
1. Voluntter base on Event, where in each of JATAM’s event such as: StoS Film Festival, City Toxic Tour, Festival Ningkam Houmeni and others. The invitations are distributed to the list of volunteers who chose this section. The participation and involvement of volunteers in these activities tailored to the time available. 
2. Research, advocacy, political work, and organization development, opened for the volunteers to fully engage and participate in the activities and research, advocacy, political work and organizational Development. Our invitation scroll base on the competence and interest of the volunteer stated in the form. 
3. Internship,This program is for the volunteers and the public. Either for lectures or a particular field interest in order to increase the capacity of individuals.

Public Dnation 2012 - 2013
The public donation will be used to support and to ensure that the social services for the community will be always run optimally. The donations are also used to support JATAM’s activities such: Research, publication, distribution of media campaigns to various region of the country.

Rp 85.000
Each month
12 months
Period 2012
Rp 1.000.000
1 year
Payment per 3 or 6 month
**for period 2012, JATAM is only focus on 500 donors.

For further information please contact +6221-7997174 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Monthly donation can be submitted directly to;
Sekretariat JATAM Jl Mampang Prapatan IV No. 30B RT 008/ RW 002, Jakarta 12790, INDONESIA

The donation can be transferred to one of the following account; 

Bank name; Niaga 
Account number; 903-01-01046-00-8 
Account name; Perkumpulan Jaringan Advokasi Tambang

Bank Name; Bank Mandiri 
Account Number;070-00-0650317-6
Account Name; Akhmad Supiani/Nova Arisandy Damanik


Bank Name; Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Number; No. Rek 552-01-61-700 
Account Name;Siti Maemunah

Via Credit Card/Paypal: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Each of supporter is expected to complete the form provided. The report will be reported regularly either personally by email or generally on the website of JATAM;

Right of Supporter:

1. Get a printed receipt / in print according to the nominal value ofthe donation.
2. Get financial statements that we convey every three months.
3. Get a report of activities in a monthly e-newsletter.
4. Get information about employment services program is running.
5. Attend the regular meeting of donors and other eventsorganized by JATAM.


1. It has been online since 2000 as the alternative of information media  to support the campaign and dissemination of information to the public. Every day at least there are 100-200 visits accessing the news, articles and other contains on this site.

2. Library of mining destructive force; is JATAM’s library or mining destructive force library. The community can freely access the reading materials like book etc. The library is also supported with film and other media. Including resource person to be friends to discuss the understanding of mining destructive force, or to get information for finishing school assignments. 

3. JATAM SMS Center for mining case #1 is the name of sms-based information system. The community can report, share or up date the case trhough short massage services (SMS).  
4. Up date of mining news via twitter; Dissemination of information through social networking of Twitter. To always be updated, the supporter can follow JATAM’s twitter @mampangcorner. Up to now we have reached 160 followers.



Place and Date of Brith










Contact Number;
Hand Phone



Blood Type



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