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Ningkam Haumeni 2 Festival

Food Sovereignty, People Security
Indigenous Peoples of Tiga Batu Tungku
South Central Timor, Eastern Nusa Tenggara, 27-29 May 2011

ImageGlobal climate change impacts are widespread, the Middle East region (TTS) is no exception. In the last two years in the region feared crop failures up to incredible food crisis. This of course would threaten the health of families, especially toddlers and school children. The condition is exacerbated by the existence of exploitative development policy and economic choices that damage. Among them, the rise of the mining permit manganese, gold, oil and gas as well as other forestry industry.

For the past two years peoples of the South Central Timor, Indonesia, have been experiencing impacts of global climate change. Failure of food crops yield has led to food crisis. Children of South Central Timor are suffer most. The crisis is exacerbated by the exploitative oriented national economic development policy that puts first the extractive industry even in the archiplagic regions like East Nusa Tenggara. The government piroritizes extraction of mineral, fossil energy as well as forest, puts peoples security and resilency of the ecological functions at risk.Image

Since last year, OAT (Organization A'Taimamus) and Indigenous Peoples Three Stone Stove supported by other civil society groups, both local and national businesses have attempted to promote self-securing food security and sovereignty. One of them through Fesitival Ningkam Haumeni.

ImageSince 2010 A'Taimamus Organization (OAT) and Indigenous Peoples of Tiga Batu Tungku have started the promotion of local food sovereignty, with supports by several NGOs and other groups.

Festival Ningkam Haumeni, not just showed up. This is a movement of people who want to leave a destructive economic choices, such as mining and industrial timber estates that have made them suffer for a long time. And they all come to promote the economic choices of safe, sustainable and sovereign-economy without mine.

Ningkam Haumeni Festival has been born through evolving process initiated by local peoples organizations who consciously worked to gear up non-destructive economy, such as mining and logging and other forest industries that have suffered them for a long time. The initiative aims to promulgate economic option that secure resiliency of the ecological functions and peoples security, leading to without mining sovereigned economy.

ImageFestival ningkam haumeni second will be held on 27 to 29 May 2011 in Stone Mountain Nausus - Mollo. The spirit of the festival this year are invited and called on all citizens, especially indigenous people gradually restore the environmental damage due to destructive development and food threatens to haunt generations Meto Atoin now. Various events will be held, ranging Theatre, Drama, Poetry, dances and folk songs since early Meto Atoin they know food.

The second Ningkam Haumeni Festival will be held on 27-29 May 2011 in Gunung Batu Nausus, Mollo. Spirit of the festival is calling for wide public, particularly the indigenous peoples, to work together to cope with the environmental destruction and food crisis faced by the current generation of Meto Aton due to the destructive developments. The festival will present traditional theatre, poetry reading and other cultural performances, that represent the history of Atoin Meto people relations with food.

For that we need your donations and his colleagues for contributing to the movement Donation to Festival Ningkam Haumeni 2. SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATION Account of Bank CIMB Niaga Mampang Jakarta - No. 9030101046008 of the Society for Mining Advocacy Network Name

We need your support and contribution for the implementation of the Second Ningkam Haumeni Festival. You can channel your support and contribution through Perkumpulan Jaringan Advokasi Tambang's bank account at Bank CIMB Niaga, Mampang, Jakarta, No 9030101046008, with account holder Perkumpulan Jaringan Advokasi Tambang. (PAYPAL : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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