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Why Perppu No.1/2004 Should be Cancelled? PDF Print E-mail
Government decision to publish Perppu No.1/2004 that allowed mining operation in protected forest shows an act that is not support people aspiration, transparent, and fairness to environment and next generation. Economy rehabilitation that becomes the main reason of the permission can not be validated, because contribution of mining sector toward the country’s budget is low incomparable to ecological loss it caused. The book gives information that analyze how the Perppu can not be adjusted, even in law process or economy rehabilitation argument. The discussion starts from portrayal about open mining practice in protected forest and the condition of Indonesia protected forest. The Perppu No.1/2004 then  analyzed substantially and procedurally, also mentioning bad impacts of its application toward environment globally. The book also records refusal from many elements of society and Civil Society Organizations from Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Maluku, to International society taking forms in demonstration or else.
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