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They Whom Marginalized : Galian C Mines Dispute in Central Sulawesi PDF Print E-mail
Sand, stone, and gravel are regarded as Galian C which is less important resources for the country, so the management is given to local government. Hence, the resource is as destructive as any mining industry could be, also practicing immense exploitation; local people removals; and violence toward land owner. Ironically, there were few attention given to these realities. The government even set the sector as priority commodity to increase income even the society protest the mining.

Small example happened in Palu. For 11 years, from 26 companies who received permission from Palu Mining Officials, atleast 13 Galian C companies that continue until today. But the society do not get the benefit from the company existence, even their lands are stolen by the government and given to the companies or even destructed because of the mining effect.  The society once again have to suffer because environmental damage. No help from the government to people’s rights worsened the circumstances. The government also do not even try to solve disputes, they even ignore it without any fair solution to the people.
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