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Water Is More Valuable Than Coal PDF Print E-mail

Press release JATAM , 18th of June 2008

In the midst of a public disspointment towards the government’s attitudes nowadays, the courage of Bapedalda (Environmental Impact Management Body) of the Hulu Sungai Tengah district in rejecting PT. Mantimin Coal Mining (MCM)’s AMDAL should be applauded. HST Bapedalda is concerned about the future of the Meratus Mountains.

Our President Sell Our Protected Forests as Cheap as Fried Banana PDF Print E-mail
Press Release JATAM, WALHI, Huma, Sawit Watch – February 16, 2008

Since February 4th, the Indonesian protected forests and production forests are as cheap as fried banana sold by street vendors. Through the Government Regulation (PP) No 2/2008, the investors are given privileges to cut down the protected forests and the production forests to become the mining areas and other business purposes, only by paying IDR 300 per square meter. This PP erases the protective function of the forest areas and sees it only fromto become temporary economic function.
Mr President, Stop Lying and Withdraw PP No. 2/2008! PDF Print E-mail
Press Release JATAM, WALHI, KpSHK, Sawit Watch & ICEL, February 25, 2008

Public protests towards Government Regulation (PP) No. 2/2008, that placed on media made President SBY unease. Unfortunately, instead of taking care the matter with cool head and open minded, the President refused to withdraw the PP.  He argued that it was coming from the previous regime, and it meant to safe the forests.
The Wonderland of Extractive Industries PDF Print E-mail
Voice of Jatam, May 6, 2008

Indonesia is a wonderland for extractive industries. Condemnation and impoverishment happen because of the activity of extractive industry at an area – are shoulderedbore by the state. Seems hard to Do not believe, isn’t it? Then here is a long list on this matter.
Archipelago Australia Runs without Environment Impact Analysis (AMDAL) and Local People’s Approval PDF Print E-mail
Press Release JATAM, ICEL, WALHI, YSN & AMMALTA – April 4, 2008

Environmental law enforcement during SBY period is at its lowest point. It is not just shown from the depraved court system regarding environmental cases, but also the impunity against the law given to the foreign mining companies. One of which is an Australian company – the Archipelago’s PT Meares Soputan Mining (MSM) in Toka Tindung, North Sulawesi. This company runs their mining construction without using Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA, also known as AMDAL in Indonesia).

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