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Indonesian Green Activist addresses Rio Tinto Shareholders in London PDF Print E-mail
By Roger Moody
14 April 2011 
Chalid Muhammad, one of Indonesia’s leading Green activists, attended the Annual Shareholders Meeting of the Rio Tito mining corporation, held in London today (April 14 2011).
Activists from around the world attack British mining giant PDF Print E-mail
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Protesters from Britain, Indonesia and the USA send a message to Rio Tinto

On 14 April 2011, London-based Rio Tinto plc held its AGM (annual shareholders’ meeting) in London.

14 April also marked the thirtieth anniversary of the first concerted intervention by “dissident shareholders” in what is now the world’s third most powerful mining company.

RIMM letter for Indonesian Government PDF Print E-mail


WE, women and member organizations of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN AND MINING NETWORK (RED INTERNACIONAL 'MUJERES Y MINERIA') (“RIMM”), join Philippine citizens, activists and civil society organizations in denouncing the reported unwarranted arrest and interrogation of environmental activists from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, made yesterday by Indonesian police in the state of West Java.

MIGA Threatens Biodiversity Halmahera Island PDF Print E-mail

Joint Press Release  Coalition Against PT Weda Bay Nickel and MIGA, July 8, 2010

Jakarta, July 8, 2010. Year 2010 declared by the United Nations (UN) as the International Year of Biodiversity (International Year of Biodiversity or IYB), with the theme "Biodiversity is Life, Biodiversity Is Our Life."
A major report, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (March 2005) also highlighted the huge losses from the loss of biodiversity on earth, with 10-30% of mammals, birds, and amphibians threatened with extinction, due to human actions, including mining activities. International
JATAM and The New Move To Debunk Destructiveness of Mining Industry PDF Print E-mail

The Cisarua Declaration is a call to wide public by the community from Aceh to Papua who are part of JATAM resistance and campaign whom their life space have long been destroyed and continuing to experience impoverishment and dehumanisation as citizens by the government-backed mining and energy industry. The Cisarua Declaration firmly urges that extraction of nature wealth should primarily to meet the needs of the Indonesian people to live in dignity. JATAM primary agenda is to act for the greater sake of safety and security of the people, recoverability of people productivity and the sustenance of the nature functions.

Therefore, JATAM urges to wide public to demand to stop all mining operation in Indonesia until all the public sectors can secure safety and security of the people, recoverability of people productivity and the sustenance of the nature functions.

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