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Stop Serving the Commander PDF Print E-mail
Association of Indonesia Mining Entrepeneur (Apemindo) refused a ban on crude mineral export (Kompas, 28/12/13). The government of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono responded with plan to loosen that rule. This action repeated an old story of one decade ago when mining businessmen succeeded to dictate Indonesia to open almost one million hectares of protected forest into mining areas.
BHP Billiton to be slammed for Borneo coal mining at AGM PDF Print E-mail
London, Tuesday 22nd October 2013

The board of controversial mining giant BHP Billiton is set to be slammed at its AGM by an Indonesian activist over seven coal concessions collectively covering an area of more than 350,000 hectares in the relatively unspoilt rainforest centre of the island of Borneo. Part of this project overlaps the transnational Heart of Borneo conservation area, described by the Asian Development Bank as “the lungs of Southeast Asia".

The Secretariat of Resistance House 2014-2016 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Jatamers!
JATAM (Mining Advocacy Network) is a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and a community organization concerning for human rights, gender, environment, indigenous people and social justice in mining, oil and gas industry issues.

Indonesia not only bears the destructive mining practices on its land and natural resources. But it also has a sad, long list of human rights violations including forced evictions, loss of livelihoods and violence against women and children.

JATAM is a Resistance, Rescue and Recovery organization. JATAM works with affected communities in many regions that are destroyed by mining, oil and gas activities in Indonesia. JATAM was born from the concern for the massive destruction of the environment and socio-economic of local communities due to mining, oil and gas industries.

JATAM National Meeting (Pernas) 2013 in Surabaya has formulated a new mandate. The mandate of JATAM 2014-2016 is fighting against the destruction by building a new production consumption model that is equitable and recycling. 

JATAM fights against the destruction by building the consumption production that has a counter-power to recover and to be equitable. In addition, JATAM also performs the movement to reverse crisis in social and ecological dimensions.

Implementation of JATAM mandate is fully supported by Organ JATAM including:
1. Resistance House
2. JATAM Node
3. Management Board
4. Supporting Agency

Operational works in the secretariat of Resistance House 2014-2016 will be implemented by:
JATAM Coordinator         : Hendrik Siregar

Campaign Manager         : Merah Johansyah Ismail 
Database & Information System : Utenk Nenas and Ac Anwar
Emergency Response : Ki Bagus Hadi Kusuma
Research & Knowledge         : A Haris Balubun
Media Monitor &         : Saji
Information Management

Fundraising & Supporting : Andika
Extension Manager
Communication Media & Outreach : Nova Damanik
Fundraising         : Vonni Novita

Finance & Secretariat Manager : Akhmad Supiani
Finance & Secretariat staff : Sultan

Management board of JATAM 2013-2016 includes:
1. Siti Maimunah
2. Pantoro Kuswardono
3. BC Nusantara

The WTO Aggravates Dependency on Food Import, Encourages Corruption PDF Print E-mail
Jakarta, February 15, 2013. The Indonesian People's Movement against Neocolonialism-Imperialsm (Gerak Lawan) demands that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the House of Representatives to put Indonesia out from the World Trade Organization (WTO) membership.  The WTO has weakened the national competitiveness and moreover encouraged corruption in the country. 
Solidarity for Farmers and Environmental Activists in Mindanao, Philippines PDF Print E-mail

“Don’t Give Bloody Christmas
Stop the Killings
Stop Large Scale Mining in Mindanao Philippines”

Jakarta (13/12/2012). The assassinations of farmers and anti-mining activists continues to happen in Mindanao, Philippines. Just two days before International Human Rights Day 2012, a farmer and two anti-mining activists were killed in separate incidents. This brutal operation has incited anger around the world.

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Welcome to JATAM's new website. We hope you will be able to find information about the impacts of mining, oil and gas activities in Indonesia. Thank you for visiting.

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