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The Improvement of Mining and Energy Governance;
Make Mining and Energy Industries As A Last Resort.

Mining industry has become a monster source of the destruction of people’s life sustainability particularly in mining area. The industry that was placed as the spearhead of development and foreign exchange, is in fact a real threat for people’s safety and recovered productivity, also natural functions sustainability.

In 2013, the number of conflicts that happened has sharply increased than previous years. Throughout 2013, there were 369 cases with conflict widespread areas of 1.281.660,09 hectares, involving 139.874 head of households (KK). Incisively increased than previous year, in 2012 the number of conflicts as much as 198 cases or increased as much as 86,36%. And in the last 6 years, noted that 13 people died, 125 people were injured, and 234 people were arrested because of mining conflict.
Type C Mining on East Sumba : A Chain of Mining Destructiveness and Infrastructure Project. PDF Print E-mail
Infrastructure project is an integral part of mining, particularly type C mining. Infrastructure development that a haphazard action and in order to serve investors, directly give a big contribution to the environmental and life-space crisis of community around mining.

Statement : Pro-Life Movement (G-Pro-K) PDF Print E-mail
Pro-Life Movement (G-Pro-K)

Churchman, Monks and Nuns, and God’s People of North Belu Deanery, Justice Peace Integrity of Creation (JPIC) OFM, SVD, SSpS, OSU, FSGM, Atambua Corruption Watch (ACW), Association of Indonesia Catholic Students (PMKRI), Indonesia Students Movement (GMNI), Civil Society Coalition of Human Rights Carefulness, Young Generation of Dasarai (AMD), Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI), Belu Democratic Community Committee (KKDB)

In the name of the Justice, Welfare, and Safety of God’s People, Citizen, Public, and Environment for Humanity; 

Us who joined the Pro-Life Movement which has been following this mining problem in Belu Regency since the beginning, with territorial locus as known, declare that we need to present our position to the government of Belu Regency, the Belu Local House of Representative, Mining Business Manager, and other related parties and the public.
Stop Mining On Bangka Island, North Minahasa, For Environmental Safety and People Welfare PDF Print E-mail
Press Release, 4 May 2014
Legal efforts that have been done by the people of Bangka Island, North Minahasa, to stop iron ore mining of PT Mikgro Metal Perdana (PT. MMP) has produced a result. Since the Supreme Court Verdict (MA) 291 K/TUN/2013 received by the Manado Administrative Court (PTUN Manado) in 20 March 2014, it is a must for the Regent of North Minahasa, mr. Sompie S. F. Singal, to pull all the permits that related to Bangka Island mining.
BaFFEL and Bendo Kerep Perform a Theatrical Performance On the River, Call Rejection of Tumpang Pitu PDF Print E-mail
Thirteenth plastic-robed men were excited because they found thirteenth gold necklaces. They used it as they laughed presumptuously. But the excitement did not stay long. That thirteenth men grasped their neck while complained of thirst. They were fretting because those necklaces could not exchanged into water. After that, all thirteenth plastic-robed men were brawling each other, fought over the only one bottled-water. There were no decent drinking water besides one bottle only. All available water, even the river has polluted and poisonous.

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