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Sumba with total area 10.710 km2 is an island which dominated by savanna grassland. That is why since old times known as the farm area (horses, buffaloes, and cows) and became one of the largest meat suppliers in Indonesia. In East Sumba Regency until 2008, total horses population reach amount 28.804 horses. Besides that, this island also called Sandalwood because of the potential of it. But because of over exploitative practice since colonial era until Orde Baru, that potential reduced drastically. Now, practically could not be found Sandalwood forest in big population in this island.
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National Parks Laiwangi Wanggameti a forest area that represents all types of forests on the island of Sumba with high biodiversity value, especially for areas above an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. The presence of gold mining could destroy the forest and off the water source. Mining operation that resulted in removal of the land mass of the reservoir water pressure is low. Water being unable to flow in underground rivers. Though the fields, gardens and livestock of the people depend on water sources originating from Mount Wanggameti.

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Ningkam Haumeni 2 Festival

Food Sovereignty, People Security
Indigenous Peoples of Tiga Batu Tungku
South Central Timor, Eastern Nusa Tenggara, 27-29 May 2011

ImageGlobal climate change impacts are widespread, the Middle East region (TTS) is no exception. In the last two years in the region feared crop failures up to incredible food crisis. This of course would threaten the health of families, especially toddlers and school children. The condition is exacerbated by the existence of exploitative development policy and economic choices that damage. Among them, the rise of the mining permit manganese, gold, oil and gas as well as other forestry industry.


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